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Galerie F1 Rok 2005

Výsledky ankety"Komu jste ve fandili F1 v roce 2005?"

20. ledna 2009 v 17:50
Nejvíce(o trošku) jste opět fandili Kimimu Räikkönenovi

Michael Schumacher0 % (0 Hlasy)0 %0 Hlasy
Rubens Barrichello0 % (0 Hlasy)0 %0 Hlasy
Kimi Räikkönen67 % (2 Hlasy)67 %2 Hlasy
Juan Pablo Montoya0 % (0 Hlasy)0 %0 Hlasy
Ralf Schumacher0 % (0 Hlasy)0 %0 Hlasy
Fernando Alonso33 % (1 Hlas)33 %1 Hlas

VC Číny 2005-Fotky

20. ledna 2009 v 16:16
Poslední závod sezony 2005
  • Alonso set the fourth quickest time
  • Karthikeyan drives for the first time in China
  • Liuzzi almost crashes into the back of Kiesa
  • Pizzonia with a flat right rear tyre
  • Raikkonen has won the most races so far this season
  • Montoya finished the day in P5
  • Alonso was one of several drivers to slide off the circuit
  • Sparks fly for Montoya
  • Fisichella had a spin during the first session
  • Ralf Schumacher will hope to make it two poles in a row for Toyota
  • Button ended the day in P9
  • Coulthard spins
  • Sato was the first one out for qualifying but he only managed P17
  • The Shanghai circuit, ready for the last qualifying session of the season
  • Montoya has the end of his lap in sight. He qualified in P5
  • Pizzonia could only manage thirteenth in qualifying
  • Albers struggles to keep control
  • Doornbos in the final qualifying run for Minardi
  • Monteiro slid off the circuit on his out lap during the last qualifying session for Jordan
  • Villeneuve begins his lap
  • Ralf Schumacher qualified in P9 for Toyota
  • Michael Schumacher will be hopeful of a podium from P6 on the grid
  • Alonso claimed pole position. Perfect for the Constructors' Championship
  • Alonso and Fisichella know what they have to do on Sunday from the front row of the grid
  • Albers and Michael Schumacher had a bizarre crash on the way to the grid
  • Michael Schumacher had to change into the spare car after the crash with Albers
  • The cars make their way onto the grid
  • Raikkonen couldn't get round Fisichella this time
  • Sato made a good start, too good!
  • Pizzonia runs wide
  • Montoya is about to run over the drain cover that cost him any chance of winning the race
  • The Safety Car had a busy race
  • Michael Schumacher spins out of the race under a Safety Car period
  • Karthikeyan was lucky to walk away from his huge shunt
  • Damage can be clearly seen to Karthikeyan's helmet
  • Alonso celebrates his seventh win of the season and the Constructors' title for Renault
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VC Japonska 2005-Fotky+Anketa

20. ledna 2009 v 16:14
Video k tomu Zde-Neděle závod
  • Sakon Yamamoto drove the third Jordan car on Friday
  • Kimi Raikkonen now had to turn his attention to the Constructors' Championship
  • Michael Schumacher finished in P2 for Ferrari
  • Raikkonen set the fifth quickest time on Friday
  • Liuzzi gave the marshals a helping hand
  • Flames spurted from the rear of Liuzzi's car
  • Raikkonen had yet another mechanical failure in the first session
  • Ralf Schumacher finished in P6
  • Barrichello was fourth fastest on Friday
  • Michael Schumacher slid off the track as the rain came down towards the end of the second session
  • Villeneuve could only manage P18
  • Sato hopes to thrill the F1 crazy Japanese fans
  • Michael Schumacher crashed into the barriers during the wet third practice session
  • Coulthard and Red Bull had a good day. Coulthard finished in P6 and Klien in P4
  • Pizzonia had a spin during his out lap
  • Webber struggled to keep control of his car
  • Monteiro was another to spin on an out lap
  • The locals were out in force for Sato
  • Villeneuve finished an excellent eighth
  • Massa leaves a trail of water spray behind him
  • Sato clinched P5
  • Klien lines up on the second row
  • Ralf Schumacher took pole position
  • Alonso suffered with the rain and finished in P16, just in front of Raikkonen and Montoya
  • The circuit wasn't wide enough for Sato at the start and Barrichello nearly ran into him
  • Montoya's crash brought out the safety car early on
  • Pizzonia was another early retirement
  • Trulli came off worse after a collision with Sato
  • Alonso overtook Schumacher on the outside of 130R
  • Schumacher and Raikkonen were at the centre of a great race
  • Fisichella must have thought that the win was his
  • Raikkonen lines up Schumacher
  • Alonso charged up to third place
  • Albers felt the heat in Japan
  • Raikkonen, going wheel to wheel with Fisichella, took the lead on the final lap
  • Raikkonen keeps an eye on Fisichella as he makes his move

VC Brazílie 2005-Fotky+Anketa

20. ledna 2009 v 16:11
  • Pizzonia replaces Heidfeld again for Brazil
  • Wurz was quickest on the day, keeping clear of the tailenders
  • Massa impresses his home crowd by setting the fourth quickest time of the day
  • Michael Schumacher three quarters of the way through a 360 degree spin
  • Michael Schumacher pointing the wrong way
  • Alonso knows he only has to finish on the podium
  • Michael Schumacher tried hard on Friday but only managed P8
  • Kimi Raikkonen needs a win in brazil
  • Unlucky for some, Pizzonia finished in P13
  • Raikkonen had to be careful when Kiesa locked up in front of him
  • Montoya at the end of his lap. He finished in P2
  • Klien walked away of a shunt that cost him the rear end of his car
  • Fisichella claimed P3 during qualifying
  • Michael Schumacher starts from seventh on the grid
  • Pizzonia could only manage P15
  • Montoya lines up on the front row
  • Doornbos failed to complete his lap
  • Ferrari bound Massa did well to qualify in ninth place
  • Klien lines up alongside Raikkonen in P6
  • Magnificent Monteiro managed to make it to P13
  • The crowd react to Barrichello leaving the pits
  • Barrichello pushes too hard
  • Alonso sets P1 but could the weather throw a spanner in the works on Sunday?
  • Raikkonen won't be happy with this at the start of his lap
  • The fans in Sao Paulo get the party started before the race
  • Raikkonen and Fisichella battle it out through the first corner
  • Raikkonen soon passed Fisichella and moved into third
  • Pizzonia's home race was over by the first corner after a collision with Coulthard and Webber. Trulli narrowly escaped
  • Alonso brakes to slow up the field behind the safety car and Montoya darts in front for a moment
  • Montoya soon passes Alonso for real after the race re-starts
  • Alonso had Raikkonen right where he wanted him
  • Barrichello dived in front of future team-mate Button at turn one
  • It was a team effort at Renault
  • Raikkonen finished second behind Montoya
  • Alonso celebrates the podium finish that leaves him on top of the world
  • Job done for Alonso

VC Belgie 2005-Fotky+Anketa

18. ledna 2009 v 19:45
  • The drivers were met by ominous weather conditions as they began their weekend's work.
  • Toccacelo was caught out by the variable conditions at Spa-Francorchamps.
  • Kimi Raikkonen takes La Source hairpin on his way to setting the fastest lap in session one.
  • The deteriorating weather took its toll on Liuzzi in session two. (1/2)
  • Liuzzi continues his way along the barriers. (2/2)
  • Doornbos was one of only three drivers to venture out in session two.
  • Alonso was the third and last driver to sample the rain soaked Spa-Francorchamps track during session two.
  • DC elects to stay dry in the garage following team mate Liuzzi's off.
  • The BMW Williams team wait for the weather to improve.
  • A Formula 1 photographer contemplates the merits of his profession.

  • The crowd, like the teams, also wait for the weather to pass.
  • Doornbos looks optimistic but the session is over before any futher cars take to the track.
  • Kimi Raikkonen takes Eau Rouge in his stride during Saturday's first timed session.
  • Sato runs the kerb at Eau Rouge on his way to setting the eleventh quickest time in Qualifying.
  • Mark Webber set the tenth fastest time in today's qualifying.
  • Button managed one place better than Webber for Sunday's race.
  • Massa went well in Qualifying setting the eighth fastest time around Spa-Francorchamps.
  • Michael Schumacher makes his way through the Bus Stop and on to a seventh fastest time in Qualifying.
  • Ralf Schumacher goes one better than his brother in Qualifying for Sunday's race.
  • Alonso could only manage the fifth fastest time of the day.
  • Trulli puts his Toyota on the second row of the grid for Sunday's race.
  • Fisichella went third fastest in qualifying but an engine change will put him ten places further back for Sunday's race.
  • Kimi ascends the hill after Eau Rouge on his way to a front row grid position.
  • Juan Pablo Montoya puts his McLaren on pole for Sunday's race making it an all McLaren front row.
  • Once again the weather played its part in the Spa-Francorchamps race.
  • Montoya leads the rest of the field around lap 1 of the race.
  • Fisichella overtakes Coulthard on the run down to Eau Rouge. Both were to later retire from the race.
  • Fisichella retires after a spin and heavy impact with the tyre wall.
  • Raikkonen slows the field down on the entry to the pit-lane, during the safety car period following Fisichella's incident, in order to allow time for his pit-crew to work on leader Montoya's car.
  • Raikkonen spent much of the race looking at this view of his team mates car.
  • Takuma Sato and Michael Schumacher end up off the track at La Source after colliding in the start / finish straight.
  • Michael had a brief conversation with Takuma following their coming together.
  • Toyota switched Ralf Schumacher to dry tyres but the change in strategy only lasted for a few laps.
  • Montoya's race came to an unfortunate end with less than four laps left to run, after a collision with Pizzonia.
  • Kimi Raikkonen celebrates winning the 2005 Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix and keeping his World title hopes alive.
  • Jenson Button is happy to be back on the podium.

VC Itálie 2005-Fotky+Anketa

18. ledna 2009 v 19:41
  • Pedro de la Rosa eventually manages to get past Michael Schumacher during the first session
  • Schumacher tests his brakes approaching the first corner
  • Ricardo Zonta finished top of the pile on Friday
  • Will Alonso stamp his authority on the championship in the Ferrari heartland of Monza?
  • Pedro de la Rosa was fourth quickest on Friday
  • Barrichello was only sixteenth on his last Friday in Monza for Ferrari
  • Fisichella will hope to challenge Alonso in Italy
  • Michael Schumacher throws it into the gravel
  • Alonso knows another win will pile the pressure on Raikkonen
  • Liuzzi put in another good Friday performance
  • Barrichello can look forward to at least equal status at BAR
  • Raikkonen needs to win here in Monza
  • Pizzonia took over from Heidfeld for qualifying and finished down in sixteenth
  • Massa will hope to impress the crowds during the race
  • Michael Schumacher does himself no favours by locking a wheel
  • Barrichello was just one place behind Michael Schumacher
  • Sato takes as much kerb as possible
  • Button qualified fourth, alongside Alonso
  • Fisichella flashes by his home fans
  • Montoya gets on the front row in Monza
  • Alonso wants to stay out of trouble at the start of the race
  • Alonso qualified in third but moves upto second behind Montoya after Raikkonen's penalty
  • Raikkonen set the fastest time in qualifying but starts from P11 after having had an engine change
  • Kimi knows his title hopes will fade if Alonso beats him in Italy
  • The cars take their places on the grid
  • Raikkonen battles at the start of the race to keep his title hopes alive
  • Tyres were heavily in focus at Monza
  • Barrichello defends his line over Schumacher
  • Raikkonen replaces his rear left tyre on the grounds of safety
  • Alonso grabbed second place and a step nearer the title
  • Webber and Sato side by side as they exit their stops
  • Raikkonen took too much of the kerb, throwing him into a spin
  • Raikkonen escapes from the gravel
  • Montoya's rear tyre managed to hang on for the end of the race
  • Columbian Montoya celebrates his victory in Italy
  • Montoya's fans join in the celebrations for the podium

VC Turecka 2005-Fotky+Anketa

17. ledna 2009 v 9:04
NEZAPOMEŇTE NA ANKETU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Michael Schumacher gets caught out during the first session in Istanbul
  • Schumacher's spin sends him into the colourful gravel
  • Smoke clouds the rear of Doornbos' Minardi
  • Pedro de la Rosa breaks down on the circuit
  • Coulthard tries to find the quickest way around the circuitt
  • Montoya throws up dust onto the new circuit
  • The Istanbul circuit from the air
  • Raikkonen rounded off the top four on Friday
  • Raikkonen and Coulthard almost collide during the second session
  • Klien finished in P18 on the opening day
  • Barrichello finished in P15
  • Albers ended the day in P22
  • Coulthard was the first one on circuit for qualifying. He finished in P12
  • Villeneuve lost control during his lap
  • Doornbos had to abort his lap with his wheels on fire
  • Alonso will line up behind Raikkonen on the grid in the P3
  • Barrichello hopes to raise the bar in 2006
  • Sato slid off the track and finished in P14
  • Webber had to dive past Sato during his lap
  • Button struggled to keep control of his car
  • Ralf was another driver who couldn't keep his car on the track
  • Ralf completes his lap
  • Michael Schumacher spins off the circuit and doesn't set a qualifying time
  • Raikkonen was the quickest man on Saturday
  • Fisichella dived past Raikkonen and Alonso into the first corner
  • Massa got on the wrong side of the kerb, hitting the rear of Heidfeld
  • Massa's front wing flew off in the direction of Michael Schumacher
  • Raikkonen managed to overtake Fisichella for the lead
  • The loss of Webber's rear tyre marked the start of a bad day for Williams
  • Webber and Michael Schumacher collide
  • Montoya's pit crew help his fuel man scramble clear of the car
  • Massa's race goes up in a cloud of smoke
  • Montoya was denied second place after he was hit from behind by Monteiro
  • Raikkonen was delighted with his victory
  • Raikkonen celebrates but he only gains two points on Alonso
  • Anyone for Champagne?

VC Maďarska 2005-Fotky+Anketa

17. ledna 2009 v 9:02
NEZAPOMEŇTE NA ANKETU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Chanoch Nissany was extracted from the gravel during his first Formula One session for Minardi
  • Alex Wurz was a close second on Friday
  • Massa finished down in P18
  • Michael Schumacher only managed one lap during the second sesion
  • Trulli spins but manages to set the fourth quickest time of the day
  • Webber goes cross-country
  • Raikkonen made it into the top three
  • Ralf Schumacher was one place behind his team-mate Trulli
  • Fisichella checks his car after sliding off the circuit
  • Montoya used all of the kerbs
  • Barrichello completed a bad day for Ferrari
  • Ricardo Zonta was quickest on Friday
  • Raikkonen was first on track for qualifying. He finished in P4
  • Webber was a disappointing sixteenth
  • Villeneuve waits for his qualifying slot
  • Jarno Trulli will start the race from P3
  • Sato knows it will be a tough race from P10
  • Heidfeld could only manage P12
  • Klien is relaxed before it's his turn
  • Alonso tries out his DJ skills at the pit wall
  • Michael Schumacher stormed his way to P1
  • Schumacher surprised the rest of the Paddock with his Pole Position
  • Montoya will sit alongside Schumacher on the front row
  • Alonso took to the grass on the final corner and finished in P6
  • It was hot, hot, hot in Hungary!
  • Alonso gets squeezed out at the start and soon loses his front wing
  • Barrichello ran into Trulli at the first corner
  • Klien launched off Villeneuve's front wheel at the start of the race
  • Villeneuve gets clean air but Klien gets more air than he bargained for!
  • Klien was lucky to walk away unhurt
  • Coulthard's race came to an end as he drove over the debris from Alonso's front wing
  • Montoya was forced to retire from the lead
  • Fisichella kept his foot down and raced through the gravel
  • Smoke coming from Massa's car doesn't deter the Sauber mechanics
  • Raikkonen celebrates his win, reducing the gap to Alonso by 10 points
  • The Iceman beat the heat in Hungary

VC Německa 2005-Fotky+Anketa

16. ledna 2009 v 15:29
  • Klien was an early spinner during the first session
  • An aerial view of the Hockenheim circuit
  • Michael Schumacher raises his eyebrows as he watches his monitor
  • Flavio Briatore keeps a close eye on proceedings
  • Ron Dennis sees the title in range after another impressive Friday for McLaren
  • Raikkonen set the second quickest time of the day
  • Coulthard loses control around the final corner
  • Coulthard makes sure the steering wheel is still attached
  • Heidfeld will be hoping for an upturn in performance in front of his home fans
  • Ralf Schumacher was one place behind his brother in P11
  • Robert Doornbos replaced Friesacher at Minardi
  • Alex Wurz was the quickest on Friday
  • Robert Doornbos was seventeenth in his first qualifying session
  • Karthikeyan made a big error at the first corner and decided to abort his lap
  • Klien rounded off the top ten
  • Coulthard was one place behind Klien in P11
  • Heidfeld will look for a podium place from seventh on the grid
  • Massa qualified in P13
  • Ralf Schumacher wished for a higher place on the grid than the P12 that he gained
  • Michael Schumacher starts the race from P5
  • Raikkonen took pole position from Button
  • Alonso will sit behind Raikkonen on the grid
  • Montoya threw away his chance of pole position on the last corner
  • Montoya lost control and now starts on the last row of the grid
  • Montoya, starting from the back of the grid, made up 8 places by the second corner. Including the Toyota in front
  • Klien gets overtaken by Massa during a hectic race start
  • Button and Schumacher battle for position. Behind them, the track seems to have been widened!
  • Trulli, Barrichello and Villeneuve find that 3 into 1 doesn't go
  • Villeneuve recovers after colliding with Doornbos
  • Klien runs through the gravel
  • Villeneuve has yet another crash, this time with Monteiro
  • Raikkonen was denied again as his car ground to a halt
  • Ralf Schumacher gets a service during one of his stops
  • Fisichella makes a move on Schumacher
  • This time, Fisichella made his move stick
  • No, Alonso isn't scared to look, he's just won his sixth race of the season

VC Velké Británie 2005-Fotky+Anketa

16. ledna 2009 v 15:27
  • Coulthard hopes to impress at his home Grand Prix
  • Button scored BAR's first points in France. Can he get on the podium in Britain?
  • Michael Schumacher ran into the back of Heidfeld coming down the pitlane
  • Pedro de la Rosa was quickest yet again on Friday. McLaren filled three of the top four places
  • Liuzzi locks up
  • Alonso looks to defend his lead in the championship
  • Michael Schumacher eyes a podium place in Silverstone
  • Sato only managed P19, a long way from de la Rosa
  • Ralf Schumacher struggles to open his visor
  • Unlucky for some, Fisichella finished in P13
  • Villeneuve locks up and only manages P17
  • Raikkonen finished in P4, a good day for McLaren
  • Montoya qualified on the second row
  • Massa is flanked by the Blue Eagles helicopter display team
  • Webber was the highest placed Williams driver in P11
  • Sato will hope for more than in France after qualifying in P7
  • Coulthard out qualified his team-mate Klien
  • Villeneuve used every inch he could to round off the top ten
  • Spectators look on as Fisichella qualifies in P6
  • Button celebrates his provisional pole position only to be outdone by Alonso
  • Michael Schumacher could only manage P9
  • Raikkonen was second fastest on the day but an earlier engine change will mean he starts from P12
  • Alonso celebrates P1
  • Alonso will hope for a lights to flag victory
  • Jenson Button waits for the race to start from P2
  • Jarno Trulli runs through the perfect start whilst sat behind Button on the grid
  • The formation lap begins
  • Montoya goes round the outside of Alonso to take the lead
  • Raikkonen started in P12 and wasted no time moving up the field
  • Raikkonen and Michael Schumacher locked in battle
  • Klien loses control whilst chasing Heidfeld
  • Karthikeyan was the only driver to retire from the race
  • Alonso kept the pressure on Montoya until the end
  • Fisichella stalled during his second stop, handing third place to Raikkonen
  • Montoya took his first win of the season with Alonso close behind
  • Montoya is thrilled with his first win of the year