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Galerie F1 Rok 2006

VC Brazílie 2006-Fotky+Anketa

29. ledna 2009 v 13:53
  • Alex Wurz carries out third-driver duties at Williams for the final time. He was quickest in the second session
  • Can Barrichello's luck change at Interlagos?
  • Jarno Trulli hopes to end his season on a high
  • Jarni locks up
  • Ernesto Viso recovers from a spin
  • Barrichello will have to fight for home honours with Massa
  • Viso spins again
  • Alonso practices for the race
  • Raikkonen was quickest in the first session
  • Michael Schumacher slides off the circuit
  • Kubica adds to the list of spins
  • Can Schumacher see his title chances slipping away?
  • Monteiro had a big spin during Q1
  • Barrichello was pushing hard
  • Coulthard was knocked out in Q1
  • Ralf can see the road ahead from Turn 1
  • Felipe Massa thrilled his home crowd
  • Rosberg was knocked out in Q2
  • Pedro de la Rosa qualified in P12
  • Michael Schumacher set the fastest lap of the day in Q2
  • Massa waits for the start of Q3
  • Schumacher didn't set a time in Q3
  • Alonso will start from the second row of the grid
  • Massa celebrates his pole position
  • Michael Schumacher challenges Rosberg at the start of the race
  • Rosberg runs into the back of Webber
  • After losing his front wing, Rosberg crashes into the wall
  • Schumacher lines up Fisichella
  • Schumacher picked up a puncture during his battle with Fisichella
  • Barrichello loses out to Fisichella in the pits
  • Massa's pit crew played their part in his victory
  • Heidfeld spins out of the race
  • Schumacher duels with Raikkonen
  • Alonso can't quite believe he's done it!
  • Massa celebrates in style!
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VC Japonska 2006-Fotky+Anketa

29. ledna 2009 v 13:46
  • Yamamoto gets to grips with the wet conditions
  • A smoky problem for Jani
  • Mark Webber runs wide at the last chicane
  • Vettel had a tidy first session and finished in third place
  • Montagny span towards the end of the first practice session
  • Sato has a tricky moment
  • Ralf Schumacher tests the drying track
  • Massa runs onto the slippery kerbs
  • Fisichella pushes his intermediate tyres
  • Michael Schumacher takes third spot in second practice
  • Sutil brings out the yellow flags
  • Fisichella secures first place as the weather improves
  • Sunny Suzuka
  • Yamamoto will line up at the back of the grid
  • Sato was knocked out of Qualifying 1
  • Doornbos streaks into 18th position
  • Albers made it through to Qualifying 2
  • Liuzzi commits to the hairpin and ends up in 15th place
  • De la Rosa comes under close scrutiny after finishing in 13th place
  • Raikkonen could only qualify 11th
  • Kubica just keeps control, but fails to get into Qualifying 3
  • Alonso and Massa run very close at the start of Qualifying 3
  • The two Ferraris control the front row
  • Trulli takes fourth place
  • Sato started from 20th place and finished in 15th
  • Alonso took fourth place from Trulli at the start
  • Barrichello makes an early stop for a new nose
  • Massa gave up his position rather easily
  • Liuzzi had a spin, but recovered to finish 14th
  • Speed and Coulthard had a good scrap, but the Scot would later retire
  • Alonso ran wide whilst chasing Ralf for third place
  • Albers retired from the race after this spectacular failure
  • Kubica struggled on new tyres but went on to finish in ninth place
  • A rare failure for Ferrari allows Alonso to take the lead in more ways than one
  • Webber runs wide and hits the wall at Turn 18
  • Alonso celebrates his first win since Canada and tops the drivers' championship table

VC Číny 2006-Fotky+Anketa

28. ledna 2009 v 15:23
  • Ammermuller finds the limit of his new car!
  • Raikkonen gets it all wrong
  • Kubica muscles by Michael Schumacher
  • Alonso corrects his steering
  • Sparks fly as Liuzzi locks up
  • Schumacher hopes to end his career on a high
  • Trulli watches the action
  • This way please Mr Barrichello
  • Ron Dennis tells it like it is!
  • Alexandre Premat drove the third car for Spyker
  • Vettel's brakes do the work approaching a hairpin
  • Alonso loses control near the end of the second session
  • The fans excitement was not dampened by the weather!
  • Barrichello spins trying to set a fast time during Q1
  • Webber finds the conditions a bit slippery
  • Raikkonen falls foul of track conditions
  • Ralf despairs at getting knocked out of Q1
  • Monteiro brings out the red flags towards the end of Q1
  • Scott carries too much Speed into the corner
  • Fisichella spins in Q2 but gains second place overall
  • Time to reflect before Q3
  • Massa qualified in P13, but will receive a penalty for changing his engine
  • Raikkonen loses his mirror
  • Alonso gains his first pole since the Canadian Grand Prix
  • Raikkonen attacks Barrichello
  • Schumacher had the backing of the fans in China
  • Coulthard tries to squeeze by Scott Speed
  • Schumacher overtakes Alonso
  • Schumacher on his way to a vital win in China
  • Alonso gets held up during a pit stop
  • Schumacher overtakes Fisichella for the lead
  • Doornbos holds off Ralf Schumacher
  • Alonso glides by Fisichella
  • Button passes Barrichello and has Heidfeld in his sights
  • Barrichello smacks into the back of Heidfeld
  • Schumacher and Alonso are on even terms going to Japan

VC Itálie 2006-Fotky+Anketa

28. ledna 2009 v 15:22
Záznam závodu Zde

  • Davidson has his first dramatic exit of the day
  • Doornbos carried out his third driver duties on Friday for Red Bull
  • Can Massa repeat his Turkish performance in Monza?
  • Raikkonen finished the day in P6
  • Jani launches his car off the kerb
  • Davidson has his second dramatic exit
  • Vettel was the fastest at the end of the second session
  • Pedro de la Rosa loses a wing mirror
  • Alonso would love to win in Italy
  • Massa was third quickest in the second session
  • Schumacher hopes to narrow the gap to Alonso in Monza
  • Vettel and Coulthard go side by side
  • Yamamoto's tyre loss caused a red flag in Q1
  • Massa will line up fourth on the grid on Sunday
  • Klien had an early spin in qualifying
  • Webber failed to qualify from Q1
  • Trulli was knocked out in Q2
  • The remaining ten drivers get ready for Q3
  • Heidfeld heads the queue for Q3
  • Button gets stuck behind Pedro de la Rosa
  • Drama for Alonso in Q3
  • Alonso manages to get back to the pits
  • Schumacher qualified in P2
  • Raikkonen claimed another pole position
  • Almost ready for the start of the Italian Grand Prix
  • Alonso battles hard from the start
  • Alonso takes on Heidfeld
  • Pedro de la Rosa retires from the race
  • Michael Schumacher took the lead during the first round of pit stops
  • Heidfeld about to overtake Fisichella
  • Massa locks up as smoke billows out from Alonso's car
  • Alonso's Italian nightmare ends in plumes of smoke
  • Schumacher celebrates an emotional win
  • Jean Todt knows that this will be Schumacher's last Monza win
  • Schumacher is now only two points behind Alonso
  • Schumacher leads the way onto the Monza podium for one last time

VC Turecka 2006-Fotky+ANKETA!!!!!!

27. ledna 2009 v 15:55
  • Sebastian Vettel had his first opportunity as third driver for BMW Sauber and set the quickest time in the second session
  • Wurz only set P19 in the second session
  • Yamamoto fails to get his line right
  • Ralf Schumacher about to start another lap
  • Trulli couldn't avoid spinning in the penultimate corner
  • Liuzzi finished the second session in P20
  • Vettel rounds the final corner
  • Webber was feeling bullish about his chances in Turkey
  • Michael Schumacher through the infamous Turn 8
  • Barrichello will want to keep the pressure on Button
  • Kubica is looking to put his Hungarian disappointment behind him
  • Alonso and Doornbos about to get in another tangle
  • Michael Schumacher waits at the start of qualifying
  • Massa sets out on his quest for P1
  • Schumacher leads Raikkonen on the track
  • Alonso checks the times
  • Barrichello was knocked out in Q2
  • Pedro de la Rosa locks up behind Rosberg and is eliminated in Q2
  • Button waits for the start of Q3
  • Alonso qualified in P3
  • Schumacher runs wide but manages to finish in P2
  • Kubica roars away from his pit crew to claim P9 in qualifying
  • Raikkonen will start from the fourth row on Sunday
  • Massa was delighted with his first pole position
  • Alonso and Michael Schumacher go wheel to wheel in the first corner
  • Ralf Schumacher gets caught up in the first corner carnage
  • Raikkonen was hit from behind in the first corner and makes it to the pits on three tyres
  • Raikkonen didn't last long after his early trip to the pits
  • Kubica squeezes by Rosberg
  • Alonso jumped ahead of Schumacher during the Safety Car period
  • Barrichello battles with Trulli
  • Alonso and Schumacher fought it out on the track
  • Schumacher kept the pressure on Alonso
  • Massa celebrates his first ever win
  • The title race will go down to the wire
  • Massa acquires a taste for champagne

VC Maďarska 2006-Fotky+ANKETA!!!

27. ledna 2009 v 15:51
  • Michael Schumacher aims to keep the pressure on Alonso
  • Alonso needs to pick up the pace in Hungary
  • Massa finished the day in P1
  • Wurz will race for Williams in 2007
  • Winkelhock netted the highest Midland position of the day in P12
  • Fisichella about to lose control
  • Alonso gets angry with Doornbos
  • Kubica has replaced Villeneuve in Hungary
  • Klien is looking for a good result at Red Bull
  • Albers had to finish the second session early
  • Pedro de la Rosa was 11th on Friday
  • Coulthard managed to hold on in the final corner
  • Kubica sees Michael Schumacher going past him and Alonso whilst there was a red flag during the third timed session
  • Rosberg was knocked out in Q1
  • Massa claimed P2
  • Kubica's brakes light up
  • Raikkonen took his second pole position in a row
  • Alonso set the second quickest time in Q2 but was knocked out because of his penalty
  • Schumacher's crew wait for him in the pits
  • Can Raikkonen win from pole position?
  • A change of fortune for Honda? Barrichello qualified in P3
  • Massa locks up
  • Kubica made it into Q3 at his first attempt
  • Fisichella will start from P7
  • Alonso had a storming first lap, taking sixth place from Massa
  • Fisichella attacking Michael Schumacher
  • Schumacher fights back but gets too close to Fisichella!
  • Liuzzi gets a shock from Raikkonen
  • Raikkonen launches over Liuzzi
  • Pedro de la Rosa manages to avoid the carnage ahead
  • Barrichello changes to dry tyres
  • Alonso walks away from a nightmare weekend
  • Pedro de la Rosa takes advantage of the dry line to catch Michael Schumacher
  • Racing doesn't get much closer than this!
  • Schumacher was forced to retire
  • Thumbs up for Jenson Button on his first Formula One victory

VC Německa 2006-Fotky+Anketa

26. ledna 2009 v 15:45
  • Doornbos puts his rear tyres to the test
  • Yamamoto takes over from Montagny in the new Super Aguri
  • Preparation is everything at Renault
  • Albers is forced out of the first session
  • Liuzzi pushes as hard as he can
  • Doornbos locks up his front tyre
  • Davidson fights for track position
  • Heidfeld knows that there will be a battle of honour between BMW and Mercedes
  • Raikkonen hopes for a good performance in Germany
  • Michael Schumacher aims to keep the heat on Alonso
  • Alonso still leads the title battle
  • Ralf Schumacher is looking for a good result in his home country
  • Hockenheim from the air
  • Trulli failed to make it into the top ten
  • Scott Speed hit the wall
  • Sato got off the back row with his new car
  • Michael Schumacher will line up in second place on Sunday
  • Ferrari put their heads together!
  • Rosberg uses all of the track and then some!
  • Alonso gets ready for Q3 to start
  • Ralf Schumacher and Pedro de la Rosa made contact
  • Alonso waves his fist as Michael Schumacher gets out in front of him
  • Raikkonen didn't expect to see De la Rosa still in the pits
  • Despite this off-track excursion, Raikkonen claimed his first pole position of the season
  • Coulthard didn't need any wings thanks to Ralf Schumacher!
  • Rosberg's race ended early
  • Alonso wasn't able to challenge Michael Schumacher
  • Barrichello would be advised to run!
  • Button gets overtaken by Raikkonen
  • At least it's just Button's tyres that are smoking!
  • Schumacher had everything under control
  • Liuzzi grabbed the bull by the horns and overtook Coulthard
  • Raikkonen was soon to make his move on Button
  • Alonso almost threw away his four points
  • Schumacher knows the title is within his reach
  • Eleven points now separate Alonso from Schumacher

VC Francie 2006-Fotky+Anketa

26. ledna 2009 v 15:43
  • Trulli took an early trip into one of the gravel traps
  • Sato had a big spin during the first session
  • Yamamoto will be hoping his race car in Germany is more reliable
  • Albers storming through the gravel
  • Massa finished the day in P13
  • Michael Schumacher claimed P6 on Friday
  • Fisichella didn't quite get it right this time!
  • BMW Sauber sported some new bodywork on Friday
  • Raikkonen was 15th on Friday
  • Trulli set the 11th quickest time on Friday
  • Olivier Panis with Toyota
  • Alonso is looking for a Renault home win
  • Michael Schumacher keeps the heat on Alonso with a commanding pole position
  • Webber as seen from just another brick in the wall
  • Trulli hopes to repeat his USA race performance from P4 on the grid in France
  • Coulthard keeps his focus to clinch P10
  • The extra bodywork didn't seem to help Villeneuve. He could only manage P18
  • Button failed again to qualify for Q2
  • Montagny outpaced Sato to claim P21 in his last scheduled race for Super Aguri
  • Pedro de la Rosa will sit behind Raikkonen on the grid in P8
  • Time is precious in the new 15-minute Q3 session
  • Schumacher and Alonso race for track position in Q3
  • Massa gets new tyres on his way to claiming P2
  • Ferrari celebrate another all-red front row
  • Alonso challenges Massa for second place at the start of the race
  • Rosberg fights to make his way through the field
  • Alonso keeps the heat on Massa
  • Button managed to keep Rosberg at bay
  • Massa finished the race in third place
  • Mark Webber was embroiled in a battle with Pedro de la Rosa
  • This wasn't part of Monteiro's plan!
  • Webber's tyre problem led to a high speed spin
  • Webber's car needed emergency treatment in the pits
  • It's all go in the pits!
  • Montagny went the distance at his home Grand Prix
  • Schumacher celebrates victory

VC USA 2006-Fotky+Anketa

25. ledna 2009 v 10:04
  • Ralf Schumacher in high spirits
  • Doornbos kicks up dust
  • Doornbos glides through the gravel
  • Scott Speed hopes to live up to his name in the USA
  • Yamamoto pushes hard
  • Albers spins off in the first session
  • Michael Schumacher tries too hard
  • Schumacher gives the marshals a hand
  • Kubica runs wide
  • Back on track, Schumacher ends the day in P6
  • Mondini finished the day in a great P5 despite being held up by a Ferrari!
  • Davidson was the quickest man on Friday
  • Look who's on television!
  • Raikkonen could only manage P9
  • Ralf Schumacher claimed P8
  • Alonso could only make it on to the third row
  • Montoya failed to qualify for the final period
  • Albers led the Midland charge into the second period
  • Massa waits for the final period to start
  • And they're off!
  • Massa runs wide in front of Alonso
  • Alonso gets a service
  • Michael Schumacher grabbed Pole Position
  • Schumacher leads a Ferrari front row for the race on Sunday
  • The start of the 2006 US Grand Prix
  • Montoya hits the back of Raikkonen, causing a first-lap pile up
  • Raikkonen spins out of the race
  • Scott Speed sees Heidfeld rolling away and tries to avoid the crash site
  • Montoya manages to hit Speed as well and it's the end of the race for the American
  • Heidfeld is just a passenger during his dramatic exit
  • The expensive wreckage sits by the track
  • At the re-start, Monteiro is hit by Sato
  • Liuzzi is able to steer around the Sato and Monteiro crash
  • Michael Schumacher on his way to victory
  • Schumacher's team can't wait to congratulate him
  • A great day for Ferrari

VC Kanady 2006-Fotky+Anketa

25. ledna 2009 v 10:02
  • Doornbos carries out his third driver duties for Red Bull
  • Sato spins out of control
  • Montagny hopes for a good result in Canada
  • Jani makes his way round with a damaged wheel
  • Alonso waves to the Canadian fans
  • Kubica was the quickest in both Friday sessions
  • Monteiro discovers that it's not just champions that hit the wall in Canada
  • Monteiro crashes heavily in the first session
  • Trulli was one of many drivers to leave the track on Friday
  • Fisichella will hope to challenge Alonso in Canada
  • Raikkonen finished the day in P4
  • Villeneuve made the top ten on Friday
  • Raikkonen qualified in P3
  • Alonso on his way to Pole Position
  • Webber appears to be held up by Rosberg and was knocked out in the first period
  • Rosberg hit the barrier but still managed to qualify in P6
  • The Wall of Champions is not as welcoming as the sign would have you believe
  • Button secured P8 on the grid
  • Ready for the final twenty minutes
  • Michael Schumacher lines up fifth
  • Trulli joins the big boys in P4
  • Track position is vital in qualifying
  • Alonso is P1 in F1 qualifying
  • Schumacher can do nothing to stop an all-blue front row
  • Michael Schumacher about to lose out to Montoya
  • Montoya and Rosberg collide
  • Not the first time that Albers and Monteiro have crashed into each other!
  • Raikkonen tries a move on Alonso
  • Montoya hits the wall
  • Villeneuve shows Montoya how it should be done!
  • Coulthard challenges Ralf Schumacher
  • Button is about to lose out in an all British affair
  • Raikkonen's McLaren stalls during his second stop
  • Schumacher steals second place late in the race
  • Sato didn't want to be left out when it came to hitting a wall!
  • Alonso wins again